JMP Protective Services


JMP Protective Services is a California-based security company that goes the extra mile to keep its clients and their property safe and sound while bringing a higher level of professionalism to your place of business each and every day. All of which reflects nicely on your brand.


JMP Protective may be a small company, but we do a lot to make sure that your security needs are met in the highest and most professional manner possible.  We carry ourselves with integrity, commitment, reassurance, and communication to assist you and solemnly vow peaceful resolutions with your business, physical person, goods, or property. 
We will always offer our clients more personalized options to fit their needs, so whether they need armed or unarmed officers (or a combination of both), male or female, bi-lingual, or more assistance during certain times of the year, JMP Protective Services will meet each and every requirement.

Meet the Team!

  1. Jay Payne SR.
    Jay Payne SR.
    With over 12 years' experience, Jay Payne is a security guard industry veteran. He's worked with Brink's (armored transport division), Hollywood Park Casino, House of Blues, Valero Oil Refinery and other well-known brands. ​ Jay takes his work very seriously, plans for everything ahead of time (so there are no "surprises") and brings a level of maturity that quickly puts his clients at ease. What's more, he instills these rare qualities in his employees so that as a team, they truly can deliver on his company's promise: "The Peace of Mind People."
  2. Jermany Payne
    Jermany Payne
    CSO- Secretary
    Jermany wears many hats at JMP Protective Services, as she plays a key role in all areas of officer onboarding (drug screening; background and reference checks; proof of legal right to work in the USA, etc.) and employee scheduling (assigning shifts and schedule by position and skill; ensuring no under staffed conditions; computing head counts; making allowance for on-call guards, etc.). Jermany is also very involved with the company's sales, marketing and business development efforts.
  3. George Brumis
    George Brumis
    Marketing Specialist
    George has been working in branding and marketing communications for over 25 years. He ensures that all marketing touch points are as authentic as they are compelling. Because of our size, JMP Protective Services is able to go above and beyond for every client—which, according to George—makes his job promoting the company a piece of cake.
  4. Jay Payne JR.
    Jay Payne JR.
    Jay is responsible for all of the important financial decision-making that affects our company, while providing strategic financial input to the CEO and Secretary. While closely overseeing the overall accounting process, Jay develops and implements financial procedures to improve and maintain the financial health of our firm.